10. With £600 million to distribute, it’s a very big juggernaut! Dawn Austwick, Chief Executive of the National Lottery Community Fund

Keith, Camilla and David are joined by one of the key players in the charity sector: Dawn Austwick, Chief Executive of the National Lottery Community Fund (formerly the Big Lottery Fund). Good Charity Bad Charity is a Whistledown production, supported by the Centre for Charity Effectiveness at Cass Business School.

9. From Lads Spinning Records to Life-Changing Radio – Phil Maguire, Chief Executive, Prison Radio Association

Keith, Camilla and David reminisce about their favourite childhood sitcoms, which leads them serendipitously onto today’s interview. In the hot seat is Phil Maguire, pioneer of National Prison Radio – a station that broadcasts to more than 100 prisons across the UK. Phil reveals how it all began and why one prison officer has likened him to a second-hand car salesman.

8. How Charities Can Survive Brexit – Caron Bradshaw, Chief Executive, Charity Finance Group

Caron Bradshaw, Chief Executive of the Charity Finance Group (CFG) joins Keith, Camilla and David for a special episode about all things finance, including how charities can prepare for the outcome of Brexit. The CFG’s website is https://cfg.org.uk/

7. ‘My Job is to be Neither Friend nor Foe to the Charity Sector’ – Helen Stephenson, CEO of the Charity Commission

Should charities pay to be regulated? That’s one of the proposals being mooted by our special guest Helen Stephenson, CEO of the Charity Commission, who is set to announce her policy review imminently. Helen also reveals how she foresaw the concerns about safeguarding that exploded with the Oxfam scandal and defends the Commission’s response to it.

6. “It’s About Thinking Outside the Box, Not Standing Outside the Tent” – Kai Adams, Green Park

What qualities are needed to lead a charity? Keith, Camilla and David are joined by Kai Adams of the recruitment firm Green Park to get some answers. Kai also explains why diversity in its broadest sense is something charities should be paying more attention to.

5. ‘I Think I Should Be the Opposite of Mean’ – Helen Rice, Chief Executive of Advising Communities

Keith, Camilla and David debate how the charity sector fares when it comes to gender equality. Helen Rice, CEO of Advising Communities, explains why she believes it’s never been a harder time to be poor or not to speak English in Britain. She also reveals her creative approach to making sure her charity’s resources help as many people as possible.

4. How I Set a Swarm of Mosquitoes on David Beckham. James Whiting, Malaria No More.

Keith, Camilla and David ask whether the recent Royal Wedding is going to herald a new era for Britain’s charity’s sector, and fresh from organising a ground-breaking international summit, Malaria No More’s Executive Director James Whiting talks about putting David Beckham in a glass box surrounded by mosquitos. He also gives sage advice on coping with the dark days of running a charity.

3. Maverick and passionate women. Sue Tibballs, Sheila McKechnie Foundation.

Camilla’s spent some time inside – which has opened up all sorts of questions about which charitable projects are worth funding. This week, our trio are joined by Sue Tibballs of the Sheila McKechnie Foundation, who talks about how her foundation’s namesake revolutionised campaigning. Sue also explains why things have just got tougher for charities and what needs to be done about it.

2. Profit from Poverty? Restaurateur and Social Entrepreneur Iqbal Wahhab

Keith, Camilla and David assess the Oxfam fall-out, and are joined by Iqbal Wahhab, restaurateur and author of “Charity Sucks”, to talk about his hard-nosed business approach to charity, and whether its OK to profit from poverty.

1. What Are We Doing Here? Introducing a new podcast for the charity sector

The “Coming Soon” Episode in which Keith Davis, Camilla McGibbon and David Prest discuss their new podcast series, Good Charity Bad Charity. They outline their frames of reference, and draw up a wish-list of guests for the first season: Prince Charles, Bill Gates, Bono and … Tom Jones. “We’re shaking the tin at the UK charity sector and asking some of its leading lights what motivates them, and then assessing what they do well, and what they do badly.”